This is PifRO - a one time private Ragnarok Online server now turned into a network of minor sites.
Eventually, I may return PifRO (the RO server), and I have significant plans for it. Funding limits me, however, sorry.
Until that point, the main page isn't going to get much attention - except to serve as a directory to the rest of PifRO.

Many sites are not shown, because either I don't want to or they are ran by someone else and I simply host and support them. If you are hosted and wish to be linked, notify me.

Goodbye, Gary Gygax. Thank you for the legacy you have left, may you rest in peace.

Hosted Sites
MSE Custom Script
A free file uploading forum and library for custom Magic Set Editor Scripts

Fax Encyclopedicus
A D&D 3.5 Focused mediawiki for homebrew material mostly by Fax Celestis

Victorious Press
A recently design group and soon company intending to keep 3rd party support for d20 3.5

A wiki for the world of Answellar -
the works of Saithis Bladewing

RPG Web Profiler
A Web-based Character Profiler hosted here.
Random Scripts
D20 Class Table Generator
This is a library and generator for custom class tables for d20 - usable on many forums.
(recently updated, old version here

D20 Monster Table Generator
This is a generator for custom monster blocks for d20 - usable on many forums.

Other scripts too insignificant to post - unless requested...

email: reinasweet at pifro dot com
(Thanks for the donation, if you do that is.)