Frequently Asked Questions


Using RPG Web Profiler

What is RPG Web Profiler?

RPG Web Profiler is a web site service that allows you to store your character sheets online. You can grant specific registered users access to your character if you wish, allowing perhaps a GM and a player full access to a sheet. You can also make your character sheet public, allowing you to post your character sheet for others to view (but not edit) via a handy internet address.

All data for your character is stored online, which means that any data you enter will be available from any online computer. No more forgetting your character sheets at home!

RPG Web Profiler is a continuation of the development of 3EProfiler, from MJEggertson

Who is responsible for RPG Web Profiler?

The program is developed via a SourceForge Project.

What are the requirements for using RPG Web Profiler?

Your browser must permit RPG Web Profiler to use scripting and cookies.

What browser is recommended for RPG Web Profiler?

RPG Web Profiler should work in any modern browser. Regardless of which browser you use, you should use the most up to date version. RPG Web Profiler was designed with the Mozilla browser (

Why were my character sheet changes not saved?

Usually this happens because you never submitted your data. RPG Web Profiler isn't like an application you download and run on your computer or over a persistent session. In RPG Web Profiler, you download your current character sheet, make as many changes as you want, but the RPG Web Profiler web site has no idea you made these changes, so it can't save them. You need to update your character after you make changes. Your data will be saved, and after a few seconds you will be returned to your character. You update your character sheet by clicking on the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the character sheet.

Why does it take so long for my character sheet to load?

The default character sheet for RPG Web Profiler is almost 200 kB in size, so if you don't have a broadband connection, it can take a long time to load. About 70 kB worth of this data can be cached, which should decrease download times considerably for future character sheet views. Similarly, slower computers and browsers can take several seconds to process and render all the information contained in the character sheet.

What does giving another profile access to my character sheet do?

Each profile that has access to a character has full read and write privileges to the character sheet. Typically, a player and a game master would both have access to a sheet. If you want someone to have only read access to your character, use the public character option.

What does making my character sheet public do?

If you opt to make your character sheet public, anyone can view your character sheet, regardless of whether they're a registered user of RPG Web Profiler. When your character is public, you can copy the url of your character and use it to link to your character sheet from other places, like discussion forums or e-mail messages.

When someone views a public character, they are given a read only version of the character sheet unless they are logged into RPG Web Profiler and have permission to access the sheet.

My character doesn't come up when searching.

Only public characters are included in character searches.

How do I properly print the character sheet?

How to print the character sheet depends on many things, including your choice of browser and system font settings. For most systems, when using a default text-zoom the default character sheet is designed to print with half inch margins all around a default 8.5 x 11 inch paper. You must also ensure that your browser is configured to print background images and colors.

I forgot my password...what do I do?

You can have your password reset. Note you need a valid e-mail address listed in your profile do to this. You can begin the process here. If the password in your profile is incorrect or no longer active, there is nothing that can be done to recover your profile since there is no way to verify your identity.