RPG Web Profiler Legal Information

Privacy Policy

Any data submitted to the RPG Web Profiler service is not shared, sold or solicited in any way. Note that a user's character data may be publicly available if the user chooses to make it so. The user's profile information is kept entirely private. An email address is required for registration for the user's convenience: should the user forget their password, an email address is required to recover the profile. Unsolicited messages will not be sent, nor will the user's email address be sold or shared with any individual, company, or entity.

Terms of Use


While the GNU GPL dictates the rights to copy, distribute, and modify most releases of RPG Web Profiler, it is these terms of use that outline how you may use this implementation of RPG Web Profiler. By completing registration with RPG Web Profiler, you are indicating your agreement to be bound by all terms outlined herein.

Modifications to This Agreement

At any time in the future, the terms outlined in this agreement may change. When changes are made, an announcement will be posted on the main website at http://pifro.com/pro/. Continued use of RPG Web Profiler after changes have been posted implies agreement of the new terms of service. If you do not agree with future versions of this agreement, you must discontinue use of RPG Web Profiler.

Limitation of Liability

The user agrees not to post any material that is offensive, unlawful, harassing, or otherwise harmful. The website administration reserves the right do modify or remove any such offending material. If posted material is found to be in violation of existing copyright, trademark, or other laws, offending material will be removed and any information known about the offending profile(s) may be shared with the original owner of the material or proper enforcement agencies should such information be requested.

In any case, the user assumes all responsibility for data posted to RPG Web Profiler. Under no circumstances, shall the creators of RPG Web Profiler, the administration of this website, or any party involved with this RPG Web Profiler implementation be held liable for material posted by you, the user.

Warranty & User Data

This implementation of RPG Web Profiler is provided free of charge, on an "as is" basis. Absolutely no warranty or guarantee of any kind is expressed or implied with regards to submitted data, persistence of this service, fitness of use, or any other aspect of RPG Web Profiler. The administrators of this website may periodically remove characters and accounts that have not been modified for extended periods of time.

Conduct & Moderation

Moderators or website administrators have the final say in what material may be posted, and what behavior or activities are acceptable for using RPG Web Profiler. All decisions by moderators or administrators are final.